Jun 19, 2013

GoPro will be on-site capturing and producing unique perspectives for the webcast

GoPro has signed on as the presenting sponsor for the Mavericks Invitational, part of the Big Wave World Tour. It’s the world’s premier big wave surf contest and GoPro is stoked to be on board to support it’s local break.

“We are stoked to be part of Mavericks Invitational as it recognizes the world’s top big-wave surfers charging one of the most famous big waves on the planet,” said Paul Crandell, Vice President of Marketing for GoPro. “GoPro was created close to Mavericks. In fact, the harbor near Mavericks is where our founder Nick Woodman would do camera and water housing tests. So, the event also means a lot to us because these are our friends and neighbors who are behind this event. And with the GoPro camera onboard, we’re looking forward to providing people around the world with a unique perspective and idea of what it is like to drop in and ride at Mavericks.”

For the full press release, visit mavericksinvitational.com