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GoPro Player

Transform your 360 footage into epic shareable videos and photos!

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v1.3.3 Release Notes


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v1.2 Release Notes

Now that you’ve captured everything with your GoPro MAX, transform your 360 footage into epic traditional videos and photos you can edit and share. Use Reframe to experiment with countless views and choose the best shots with a click of a keyframe—instantly creating cinematic transitions from view to view. Then, convert and export traditional .mp4 files that play nice with your favorite editing programs and can be shared on social. Want to keep things 360? Export without reframing and you’ll get spherical .mp4 files that can be edited and shared on select platforms. You’ll have a range of resolutions (5.6K, 4K, custom)1 and codecs (HEVC, H.264, Apple® ProRes and CineForm) to choose from. And, you can always view your videos and photos right from the player.
  • Reframe: Experiment with countless views, choose the best shots and instantly create cinematic transitions with a click of a keyframe. Then export a traditional video or photo you can edit and share.
  • Export + Edit: Export both spherical and traditional .mp4 files that are compatible with other editing software and are ready to be shared on social.
  • Convert 360 Videos: Choose from a range of resolutions (5.6K, 4K, custom)1 and codecs (HEVC, H.264, Apple ProRes and CineForm).
  • Frame Grab: Never miss a great shot. Capture incredible photos from any of your 360 or traditional videos by grabbing a frame.
  • Horizon Leveling: Adjust the horizon in your videos to keep it level—whether you’re getting sideways, running or doing backflips.
  • World Lock: Set the orientation of your 360 videos and minimize rotation in your footage.
  • Trim: Trim with frame-by-frame accuracy to keep only the parts you want in your videos.
  • Playback: View all videos and photos from your GoPro MAX camera right in the player
  • Batch Export: Add clips to a queue to automate the export process. 



  • Mac: macOS® 10.15 Catalina or later
  • Windows: Windows 10® or later
  • Cameras: GoPro MAX
  • Hardware: Graphics cards that support HEVC decoding

1Files can export only at the same or lower recorded resolution

How to use GoPro Player


More Desktop Tools

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GoPro FX Reframe

Get full creative control of your GoPro footage with a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro® and Adobe After Effects®. 

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