What the LED's on Karma Grip Mean


What are the LED's on Karma Grip Mean?

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Karma Grip Status Lights 
Error lights: The bottom status light flashes red and white when there is an error with the Karma Grip. This typically occurs if the stabilizer is not holding position or there is pressure against the camera/harness. To reset the grip, power the unit off and on. 
        Light Codes: We can narrow down the issue depending on which white light is blinking. (Bottom light will be solid Red)
Top: Karma Stabilizer
Middle: Camera
Bottom: Karma Grip
  • *** Special Note. If power cycling the Karma Grip is not providing better results, perform a Hard Reset by holding the Power/Mode button for 8-10 seconds. 
Battery status lights: Four status lights indicate the battery life. When all four lights are illuminated, the battery is full.

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