How To Perform A Hard Reset On The Karma Grip

What are you trying to do?

How to hard reset the Karma Grip

Where does it apply?

  • Karma Grip
  • Karma Stabilizer
  • Karma Harness (HERO4, HERO5 Black/ HERO6 Black/HERO7 Black)

How to do it

You can perform a hard reset on the grip by the following:
  1. Power off the Karma Grip and camera
  2. Hold the mode/power button for 8-10 seconds. 
  3. If done properly, all of the LEDs on the grip will blink once and power off the grip. 
  4. Then all four LED lights will flash with a single red bottom light.
  5. Continue holding and the Karma Grip and camera will power back on.

Hard resets will usually fix the following issues:
  • Karma Grip not powering on.
  • Camera stays in USB mode when the stabilizer is powered on.
  • Freezing issues or unresponsive button presses.


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